Russ Corbett-detig (PI) - CV


Research Interests: evolutionary genetics, structural variation, positive selection, epistasis

Brief Bio: Russ started at UCSC as an assistant professor in the Department of Biomolecular Engineering in July of 2016. Before that, Russ was a Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley in Rasmus Nielsen's lab where, among other things, he developed computational methods for infering and for simulating patterns of local ancestry in admixed populations. From 2010-2014, Russ did his graudate work in Dan Hartl's lab at Harvard where he studied population genomics of chromosomal inversions, epistasis and comparative patterns of genomic variation. 

Josh Hough (postdoctoral Research fellow) - Website


Research Interests: molecular evolution, genetic systems, genetic mixing

Brief Bio: Josh is an evolutionary biologist interested in genome evolution and genetic systems. He uses theory, experiments, and statistical analysis of DNA sequences to make inferences about the mechanisms that contribute to evolutionary change. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, where he worked with Spencer C.H. Barrett and Stephen I. Wright on the evolution and genetics of sex chromosomes.

Iskander Said (Junior Specialist)



Research Interests: evolution, genetics, genetic engineering, synthetic biology

Brief Bio: Iskander of house Said, first of his name; Lord of the flies and Prince of pipettes; Beaker of chains; the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla,  and true heir to the Iron throne and King of the Seven Kingdoms.


Paloma Medina (Graduate Student) - CVwebsite


Research Interests: sex and gender diversity, sexual selection, sex chromosome evolution
Brief Bio: Paloma received her Bachelors degree in Biology from Scripps College in 2014. As a Fulbright Research Scholar, she went on to work with Frank Chan in Tuebingen, Germany. In the Corbett lab, Paloma compares autosomal and sex chromosomal rates of adaptive substitution. 


Bryan Thornlow (Graduate Student)


Research Interests: evolutionary genetics, tRNA genetics, data science

Brief Bio: Bryan is a first-year graduate student at UCSC, focusing on the evolution of tRNAs and their flanking regions. Prior to coming to UCSC, he studied biology at Cornell University, specializing in animal physiology.  

David Liang (Undergraduate Researcher)


Research Interests: bioinformatics, genetics, data science 

Brief Bio: David is a third year student studying human biology and computer science at UCSC.

Victoria Serrano (Undergraduate Researcher)


Research Interests: evolutionary genomics 

Brief Bio: Victoria is a third year student studying evolutionary biology at UCSC.


Jackie Roger (Undergraduate Researcher)


Research Interests: computational genomics, tRNA evolution and modeling, epigenetics, nanopore sequencing

Brief Bio: Jackie is a third-year undergraduate student studying bioinformatics and statistics at UCSC.

Vanessa Venner (Undergraduate Researcher)

Research Interests: evolutionary genetics

Brief Bio: Vanessa is a fourth year undergraduate student studying MCD biology at UCSC.